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Durian Cheese Pancake

Durian Cheese Pancake Frozen Durian Recipe

Pancake mix

250 grams - flour

2 each - egg

150 grams - sugar

1 cup - water

200 grams - milk powder

Sauce Mix
1 cup water
250 grams - cheese grated

200 grams - butter melted

5 grams - salt

200 grams - white sugar

250 grams - durians

50 grams - corn starch powder

Prep time is 45 min, serves 5.


1 Pancake mix
mixing flour, egg, milk powder, sugar, water together and mix well.
put into fridge for about 1 hour

2 Sauce

Mix everything in the sauce list over a low heat stirring constantly until smooth and well heated.

3 Make the pancakes

using a ladle, pour pancake mix into a hot pan (cast iron works best )

add a small amount of the sauce mix to the center of the pancake

fold the edges over to form a square

flip it once and its done

make more while storing the cooked ones in the oven over low heat.