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Malaysia durian

Malaysia durian is very distinctive to durian from other countries. The way they harvest the durian is very, very different. All the durian ripens on the tree, and only falls off the tree when the durian is ripe and ready to be eaten. Basically, we let nature decide when the durian is suitable to be eaten. Nature knows best when it is ready to eat, and everything from the nature is always the best. It's much superior to allow it to ripen rather than force it.

In other countries, they harvest the durian while they are still on the tree. The durian is yet to ripen; however, they attempt to artificially ripen it. This is why you can easily come across durian at local Asian grocery stores only to find that the durian is very hard to open due to the immaturity as well as the fruit can be tasteless.
We are offering the creme de la crème when it comes to frozen durian. All of our products are carefully managed and harvested according to nature. The durian we process has reached its peak ripeness and then flash frozen. This ensures an extremely high quality product that is very flavorful and has a long storage life. Many suppliers of frozen durian are using unripened durian, which will lack the full benefit nutritionally compared to ours. As well, there is a huge difference in taste, texture and flavours.

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